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Measuring for Baltic Amber

How to Measure :

Using a tape-measure or a piece of string (which you can measure afterwards), place lightly around childs neck, wrist or ankle. 

- Necklaces should have approximately a 2 finger space between neck and necklace and must not be able to come up over the chin and into child's mouth .  

- For Adults, our Necklaces look lovely along the collar bone line, however you may prefer to have it longer than this

- Bracelets/ Anklets must be loose enough to allow child's hand/foot to move/flex and must not constrain movement -  If you are unsure - we advise measuring an exact measurement and adding 0.5 to allow space

There is no evidence to stipulate how much amber you should wear to the weight you are, it is said that the more amber worn the more succinc acid is believed to be abosorbed.

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