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  • Frozen inspired Elsa amber
Frozen inspired Elsa amber

Elsa - butterscotch amber & gemstone anklet / bracelet / necklace

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Frozen Elsa inspired collection - Swirls of Butterscotch Baltic Amber with hints of Tibetan Turquoise, Blue Aventurine and bubbles of Moonstone.

Handmade with high quality Baltic amber beads.

A knot has been tied between each and every bead so that if it breaks the beads will remain intact on the Necklace/Bracelet/Anklet.  Your Baltic amber / Semi-Precious Gem Stones are threaded onto two strands of 100% Cotton, which although is very strong, may snap if pulled excessively especially if the thread has degraded due to getting wet and normal wear over time.

A plastic screw barrel clasp is used to fasten, and designed to break if pulled with force or caught 

The beads are rounded to ensure there are not sharp edges, however they can break under force - please check the beads regularly.  

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